2018 Class Schedule

It’s time! Here’s our 2018 class schedule:

March 10-11 CCW
March 24-25 CCW
April 7-8 Ladies Only CCW
April 28-29 CCW
May 19-20 Ladies only CCW
June 2-3 CCW
June 16 Range Day
Sept. 1-2 CCW
Sept. 15-16 Ladies Only CCW
Sept. 29-30 PPOTH
Oct. 13-14 CCW
Oct. 27 Range Day wiener roast
Nov. 3-4 CCW

We are keeping our fees the same for last year, with the exception of those who get a four hour exemption (hunter safety, etc.). The one day CCW class will be $75. The 12 hour class will be $115, and the two day (16 hour) class will be $150. NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home will be $75 (one day class) and the Personal Protection Outside the Home (minimum 12 hour class) will be $125. Gun rentals will still be $20 and we will provide ammo for those who use our guns for class. We require a $25 deposit to hold your seat for the CCW classes. We will require payment in full in advance for the NRA Personal Protection classes for a couple reasons. First, the materials are a considerable expense for us compared to the CCW training materials, and second, we had several folks last year tell us they were coming to a Personal Protection class, so we held a seat for them, and then they didn’t show up.

I’ll be posting specific events for these classes on the Boondock Tactical facebook page shortly. IMPORTANT!!!! Your seat will not be saved until we receive your deposit, and I will not put your name on a class roster until I speak to you on the phone. Again, last year we heard from several individuals who told us they would send a deposit, and didn’t, but we held seats for them as a courtesy. It’s not about filling seats, but it is about making sure people who want to come and are serious about it have a seat available. Just clicking on an event saying you’re going isn’t adequate. I need to hear from you and I want to speak to you in person prior to class so I can answer questions, and help some of you feel a little more at ease. I will post phone numbers and class specific info on each event.

The Ladies Only classes fill ridiculously quick so ladies, don’t wait until the last minute to reserve your seat. If next year is anything like 2017, the Ladies classes will be full within 2 weeks of us posting our schedule.

So, check out our class dates, and give us a call if you’re serious about signing up. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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