Do I need a FOID card to attend Boondock Tactical classes?

You do not need a FOID to attend class. If you’re bringing your own firearm, ammo, or both, then you are required by law to have a FOID card.  If you don’t yet have a firearm to use for class, we have some available for rent.  The FOID Act allows an individual who doesn’t have a FOID card, but is otherwise eligible to obtain a FOID card, to use a firearm during recognized firearms training.

Do I need to bring my own handgun/ammo to class?

Bring your own handgun, if you have one… especially the one you intend to carry.  We have a limited number of handguns available for rent for those who do not yet own one.

I don’t have a handgun, and I’m not sure what I want.  How will I know what to buy?

We have a variety of handguns available for students to try out, to see what they like and what they don’t like.  Several of our students have taken advantage of this opportunity prior to buying their own.  Students are welcome to shoot everything we have.  Take ours for a “test drive” before you spend several hundred dollars on something you won’t like.

My drivers license/state ID card info does not match my FOID info.  Will this cause any problems?

The short answer is “YES!”  If your info doesn’t match, your permit application approval will be delayed.  We highly recommend you first make sure your address/info is current with the IL Secretary of State’s office.  Then you will need to submit any appropriate FOID changes to ISP.  FOID change of name/address forms are available on the ISP website, and we will also have FOID applications and name/change of address forms in class.  The current turnaround time for FOID changes is as little as two weeks.

What do I need to bring to class?

We will need your drivers license or state ID card, your FOID card, if you have one, copies of DD214’s (please do not bring the original).  If you’re exempt from any of the required training, we will also need a copy of the letter you received documenting the exemption.  If you have your own handgun bring it, and at least 150 rounds of factory ammo.  You will also need a holster, belt, eye and ear protection.

How much will classes cost?

The 16 hour CCW class fee is $150.  The 8 hour class fee is $75.  We also offer a couples discount…couples will receive a $25 discount each on the 16 hour class.  If you have a four hour exemption, we prefer you still take the 16 hour class, but we will lower the fee to $105.  If you use one of our firearms for class the fee is $10.  We will provide ammo if you use one of our handguns.  NRA basic courses and PPITH are $75.  The NRA PPOTH class fee is $125.

Are electronic fingerprints mandatory to apply for a CCW permit?

No.  Electronic prints are NOT a requirement to apply.  If you choose to do fingerprints, ISP claims it will speed up your background check by up to 30 days, so the question you should ask is whether the 30 days is worth an extra $55 (or more)?

Can you help me with my CCW application?

Once you receive the proper certification necessary to apply, we can help you with your online CCW application.  There is no charge for this service.

What will I receive if I come to a Boondock Tactical CCW class?

You will get our best efforts to provide you with the best training possible in the time alloted.  You will receive the Boondock Tactical Basic Pistol book (16 hour class) which contains over 80 pages of information specifically designed for the new, as well as seasoned shooter.  All CCW students (16 and 8 hour) will receive our Boondock Tactical CCW book, which contains over 100 pages of relevant state and federal statutes, multiple handouts, and resources to continue your firearms training if you desire.

What classes do you teach?

We are certified to instruct the Illinois Concealed Carry course, as well as NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun courses, NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home, and NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home.

Why should I go to a Boondock Tactical class?

We didn’t get into firearms training to make a quick buck.  Our primary goal is to provide superior firearms training at a reasonable fee, in a friendly, low-stress environment.  Our prices are extremely competitive, and our training materials are unsurpassed.  We aren’t going to teach you to be cops, or how to do room-clearing drills.  Our curriculum is based solely on a defensive mindset.  While we certainly hope nobody is ever forced to defend themselves or another with a firearm, our course will give you the basic tools to be able to defend your life from a violent attacker.  Check out our reviews.  They speak for themselves.  If you know someone who has attended one of our classes, ask them what they thought about their experience.  Our students are without a doubt our best advertising.




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