Here’s our 2019 training schedule:

March 2 CCW Recert (3-4 hour class)
March 3 CCW Recert (3-4 hour class)
March 9 CCW Recert (3-4 hour class)
March 10 CCW Recert (3-4 hour class)
March 30-31 CCW Class (8-16 hour class)
April 13-14 CCW Class (8-16 hour class)
April 27-28 Ladies Only! CCW Class (8-16 hour class)
May 11 NRA Personal Protection in the Home (8-10 hour class)
June 8 Range Day
June 15 CCW Recert (3-4 hour class)
July 13 CCW Recert (3-4 hour class)
July 14 CCW Recert (3-4 hour class)
Aug. 10 CCW Recert (3-4 hour class)
Aug. 11 CCW Recert (3-4 hour class)
Sept. 14-15 CCW Class (8-16 hour class)
Sept. 28-29 Ladies Only! CCW Class (8-16 hour class)
Oct. 13 CCW Recert (3-4 hour class)
Oct. 19-20 CCW Class (8-16 hour class)
Nov. 2-3 CCW Class (8-16 hour class)
Nov. 9 CCW Recert (3-4 hour class)

These dates are tentative and I think we will be adding a CCW Class in May once we figure out when local graduations are. We will also be doing our Range Day/Weiner Roast probably sometime in October, so keep an eye on the page for that event. I’ll soon be creating individual events to correspond with the schedule.

RECERT CLASS INFO: ISP will not let you complete your online recertification application until you are within 3 months of your CCW permit expiration date, so keep that in mind when you sign up for a recert class. We are asking for you to be considerate of those who may expire before you, and NOT sign up for a recert class until you hit the 3 month mark. So, if you don’t expire until Nov. 2019, don’t sign up for a March renewal…wait until July or August. As long as you complete your recert class, and complete your online renewal with ISP PRIOR to your CCW expiration date you will still be able to carry concealed even though your current permit may expire prior to receiving your new one. Renewal class fees are $50, paid in advance. ISP renewal fees are the same as your initial permit ($153 and change).

CCW CLASS INFO: Our 8-16 hour classes will remain pretty much the same. There will be detailed info posted with each event. Fees for the 8 hour CCW class are $75. If you have the IL Hunter Safety Card your class fee will be $115. If you need the full 16 hour class your fee will be $150. We are asking for a $25 deposit to hold a seat in all classes with the exception of the Recert classes (see RECERT CLASS INFO above). Your seat WILL NOT BE RESERVED just because you click on an event, or talk to us on the phone. While our classroom fees will remain the same as last year, we will not be offering the couples/family discount, as training materials and liability insurance are getting more expensive.

 Thank you for your interest in attending our Illinois Concealed Carry classes. The following information will assist you in knowing what to expect, and what you will need to bring to class.

The class location is 8736 E. IL 9 Hwy, Ellisville, IL 61431, the intersection of IL Rt. 9 and County Highway 2, commonly known as the Midway Junction.  We are 1 mile east of the Spoon River and 13 miles west of Canton. It shows on a map as “Blyton”.  We are at the residence on the northwest corner of that intersection.  Unless otherwise notes, classes begin at 8am sharp.  We will have coffee and doughnuts each morning, and bottled water, but in order to keep our costs and your fee down, you will be responsible for your own lunch. Brown bagging it would be perfect. If you have your own handgun, please bring it and ammo both days, and make sure you have your FOID card with you! Students going through the full 16 hour class should bring at least 100 rounds of ammunition, and it wouldn’t hurt to bring a little more than that.  NO LIVE AMMO WILL BE ALLOWED INSIDE THE CLASSROOM! If you do not currently own a handgun, we will have limited handguns and ammo available for use during instruction and live firing.  You will also need eye and ear protection. If you currently wear prescription eyeglasses, they will be sufficient for eye protection. Otherwise, bring shooting/safety glasses and ear plugs/earmuffs. No one will be allowed on the firing line without eye/ear protection. If you’re bringing your own handgun, please insure the ammo you bring is chambered for your firearm (9mm Makarov and 9mm Luger/Parabellum are NOT the same!!) Wear comfortable clothing.  Try to stay away from v-necks or low cut tops, as the flight path of ejected semi auto brass is unpredictable.  It’s a good idea to bring a hat with a brim/bill, also. Bring sunscreen if you need it.
Minimum training requirements, as set by the Illinois State Police, is 16 hours. Depending on how the class goes, we may not be done after 8 hours each day. Plan on staying past 5pm on both days.
The cost for the 16 hour class is $150. The 16 hour class will consist of a minimum of 2 hours firearm safety, 3 hours basic principles of marksmanship, and 3 hours care, cleaning loading and unloading of a concealed firearm, 4 hours applicable State and Federal laws relating to ownership, storage, transportation, and carry of a concealed firearm, and 4 hours of weapons handling including live fire exercises and qualification.
Certain individuals may be exempt from 8 hours of training (mainly former/retired Law Enforcement/Corrections Officers and active/retired/honorably discharged veterans). Those who are exempt from 8 hours need only to attend day 2. The cost for the 8 hour class is $75. The 8 hour class will consist of 4 hours applicable State and Federal laws relating to ownership, storage, transportation, and carry of a concealed firearm, and 4 hours of weapons handling including live fire exercises and qualification.
We are asking for a $25 non-refundable deposit to hold a seat in the class. The $125 balance for the 16 hour class, and the $50 balance for the 8 hour class will be required at the beginning of class. Please contact us for a reservation, and mail deposit checks or money orders to Boondock Tactical, 8736 E. IL Hwy 9, Ellisville, IL 61431. Your seat will not be reserved until we receive your deposit. Once we get it, your reservation will be confirmed. We will then send you a brief questionnaire, which we would like to have prior to the class. We are curious as to how much experience each of you has with handguns/shooting in general.
Please keep in mind, you are not guaranteed a certificate just for attending the class. We reserve the right to refuse service, and/or not certify those who do not follow the instructions of Range Instructors, those who do not pass the written test/shooting qualification, and those who we deem as not having the proper mindset, ethical/moral standards, etc. If you are removed from the class we will refund your payment in full. We are not looking to fail anyone, as that would reflect poorly upon us as instructors, but you must remember…..carrying a concealed firearm is serious business that we do not take lightly, nor should you. We take our status as Illinois State Police Certified Instructors very seriously, and we expect you to take your status as students in our class seriously, as well. If you complete the class successfully, you will receive the Illinois CCW Training Certificate (for both the 16 and 8 hour class) required to obtain your Illinois Concealed Carry License.
Please visit our website,, or our facebook page, Boondock Tactical. Feel free to call us if you have any questions. Don Hines can be reached at 309-785-2001. Steve Howerter can be reached at 309-293-5554.
We are looking forward to a wholesome, educational, informative, and fun training experience with you. We appreciate your consideration in giving us the opportunity to provide you with the proper instruction and required certification so you can obtain an Illinois Concealed Carry License. We hope to hear from you soon!

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