Charleston, SC Shootings

I just read a report on the shootings in Charleston. Nine people lost their lives when a gunman walked into a church and opened fire. I can’t begin to describe the feelings I have…..anger at the shooter, sorrow for the victims and their families, frustration towards a society where events such as this still occur on an all-too-frequent basis.

We talk in our classes about mindset, planning ahead, and refusing to be a victim. There will be those who will say this tragedy could have been prevented with stricter gun laws. My response…..murder has been illegal for centuries, and there are already over 22,000 gun laws on the books. You cannot legislate morality, or decency, or respect for your fellow man. No amount of laws will make an evil person good. Race means nothing…..we are all God’s children.

No matter how many laws are passed, or how much hand-wringing is done in the media, or by the politicians…. No matter how many people stand in front of a microphone calling for justice, this is what I know….we are all solely responsible for our own defense, and the defense of our families. We owe it to ourselves to always be vigilant, always be aware, and always be ready to protect our own lives and those of our families from those who seek to perpetrate evil unchecked.

The bottom line is this…..there are evil people in this world. I pray none of us ever has an encounter with one….but if we do, we should be ready to defend our lives if necessary. Refuse to be a victim.


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  1. Candy Fountain

    Steve –

    I love your comments on this tragedy. This is just all common sense to me, but I am not a government employee.

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