Fall events

We’re a little less than a month away from starting up our fall class schedule. The Ladies Only class for Sept. 10-11 is full. We have another CCW class set for the following weekend, Sept. 17-18. Right now we have two seats open in this class. We didn’t advertise this one, and so far it’s all ladies scheduled for this class. So, Ladies…..if you want to get into a ladies only class, here’s your chance. Send us a PM or E-mail to if you’re interested. We will need a $25 deposit to hold a seat.

We have room for two in the Oct. 8-9 CCW class. Our last scheduled CCW class for this year is set for November 5-6 and it’s wide open.

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Our second annual Range Day/wiener roast is set for Sept. 24. Range day fees are $20 per shooter (pays for range supplies and fees). We will have plenty of targets, beverages and snacks. You can come shoot for an hour or so, or stay all day. Range day is an excellent opportunity to work on your marksmanship skills in a little more relaxed environment than one of our regular classes.


We’ll be there to ensure range safety, and to help out with shooting fundamentals, but you can shoot at your own pace. Last year I shot well over 800 rounds and still had plenty of time to socialize, assist shooters, and just enjoy the day. It’s a really good time. If you’re planning on coming for the wiener roast, bring something to share. We’ll have dogs, brats, chili and all the fixin’s and drinks. The Range Day event is posted on this page, so check it out.

If you have questions give us a holler.

Stay safe, everyone….


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