2015 Schedule

Boondock Tactical’s 2015 schedule is now posted on the “Events” page.  We have Illinois CCW classes scheduled through September, and will most likely add an October and early November date in the future.  We have two NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home classes, and one NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home class scheduled, as well.  The Personal Protection Classes are not meant for first-time handgun shooters, and are more intense than our basic classes, and involve more live fire exercises.  The Inside the Home classes are open to individuals who hold either an NRA Basic Pistol Certificate, an IL CCW Certificate, or individuals who can show documentation of previous handgun training.  The NRA requires persons to attend Inside the Home before they can attend Personal Protection Outside the Home.  The fees for the NRA Personal Protection classes are $75.  We also have a couple dates set aside to do an NRA Basic Rifle or Shotgun class if there is enough interest.  Send us an E-mail or give us a call for more info.


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