2022 Class Schedule

Greetings, and Happy New Year! We hope you all had a peaceful and joyous holiday season, as we look forward to a new year.
Our 2022 class schedule will be posted at the end of this post, and there’s been a few changes we’ve had to make. To start, we will now be requiring a $50 deposit to hold a seat for our concealed carry classes (8, 12 and 16 hour classes), no exceptions. Material costs have increased for us, as well, so we are raising our class prices to cover our increased costs. The 8 hour CCW will now be $80, 12 hour will be $120 and the 16 hour will be $160. Due to increased ammo costs our gun rental fee, for those who don’t own or have access to a firearm for class, will be raised to $30. CCW Recertification class fee will be $55, paid in advance.
We will be creating individual events for each class very soon, but keep in mind just clicking “going” on the event does not hold your seat. If you want to come to a class, please give us a call at 309-293-5554 to make your reservations. Please leave us a message if we miss your call.
There’s been some significant changes to Illinois firearms statutes, particularly to the FOID Act. We’re still picking through the changes and will be posting those to the page shortly. The anti-gun politicians in Illinois hold a clear majority, and this legislation makes it abundantly clear that they are not on our side. While we do our best to keep everyone informed of changes when they occur, it’s incumbent upon you as a gun owner to make sure you’re current on gun legislation. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense.
Now for the schedule…. Keep in mind, all dates are subject to change, and while we are posting the full schedule here, we are going to hold off until summer break creating individual events for the fall classes. We want to see how the spring session goes. We plan on adding a couple NRA classes (Personal Protection in the Home) in the near future, as well.
March 12 CCW Recertification class
March 13 CCW Recertification class
March 26-27 CCW (8, 12, 16 hr) class
April 9 CCW Recertification class
April 23-24 CCW (8, 12, 16 hr) class
May 14-15 Ladies Only (8, 12, 16 hr) CCW class
May 28 CCW Recertification class
June 4 Range Day
September 3-4 CCW (8, 12, 16 hr) class
September 17-18 Ladies Only (8, 12, 16 hr) class
October 1 CCW Recertification class
October 2 CCW Recertification class
October 15-16 CCW (8, 12, 16 hr) class
October 22 Range Day/Weiner Roast
November 5-6 CCW (8, 12, 16 hr) class
November 12 CCW Recertification class

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