2020 Event Schedule

2020 Tentative Class Schedule

Here we go…..and please keep in mind, all these dates could be subject to change.

Ladies Only CCW Classes:
April 4-5, 2020
September 26-27, 2020

8/16 Hour CCW Classes:
March 21-22, 2020
May 2-3, 2020
June 6-13, 2020
June 7-14, 2020
September 12-13, 2020
November 7-8, 2020

IL CCW Recert (3 hour) Classes:
March 14, 2020
April 19, 2020
May 16, 2020
July 18, 2020
August 23, 2020
October 9, 2020
October 25, 2020
November 15, 2020

NRA Personal Protection in the Home:
October 11, 2020

Range Day:
May 30, 2020

Range Day/Wiener Roast:
October 17, 2020

A couple things to note…..the June CCW Classes are split weekends. We will do one class on Saturday the 6th and 13th and another on Sunday, June 7th and 14th. All classes will start at 8am with the exception of IL CCW Recert classes, which will start at 9am. The October 9 Recert class will be a Friday evening, and we will start that one at 5pm. Recert classes take between 3-4 hours to complete. Events have also been posted to our facebook page. Remember, just clicking on the event does NOT hold your seat. We require a $25 deposit to hold a seat in a regular CCW class. We require payment in full in advance for recert classes ($50), as well as any NRA classes we may do. The Fee for NRA Personal Protection in the Home is $75. Range day fees will remain at $20. Gun rental fees will also be $20.

Please send us a PM on facebook or call us at 309-293-5554 if you have any questions.

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