2021 Class Schedule

Greetings! It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything. We hope you are all well. Here’s our 2021 class schedule:

March 6 CCW Recertification Class

March 20-21 Concealed Carry Class THIS CLASS IS FULL

April 3 CCW Recertification Class

April 10-11 Concealed Carry Class THIS CLASS IS FULL

April 24-25 Ladies Only Concealed Carry Class TWO SEATS LEFT

May 15 Range Day

May 16 CCW Recertification Class

June 5-6 Concealed Carry Class THIS CLASS IS FULL

June 19 CCW Recertification Class

September 11 CCW Recertification Class

September 12 NRA Personal Protection in the Home Class

September 25-26 Ladies Only Concealed Carry Class

October 9-10 Concealed Carry Class

October 23 Range Day/Wiener Roast

November 6-7 Concealed Carry Class

November 13 CCW Recertification Class

All dates are subject to change, and we may add classes depending on demand. We are keeping our class fees the same (CCW Recert $50, 8 hour CCW $75, 16 hour CCW $150). Due to the unavailability of ammo we have been forced to modify our gun rental policy. If you rent a gun from us for class it will most likely be a .22 and the fee for renting the gun and ammo will be $25. If at all possible either bring your own gun and ammo or borrow one from a friend, While we will try to accommodate those who don’t have their own gun, the ammo shortage will likely hinder our ability to do so.We will be creating events and posting them on our page soon, so keep an eye out for them. Individual events will have a more detailed description of requirements, etc. Please give us a call at 309-293-5554 if you have questions or want to sign up for a class.We’re looking forward to getting back out on the range, meeting some new friends, and having another successful year. Stay safe!

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