Fall events

We’re a little less than a month away from starting up our fall class schedule. The Ladies Only class for Sept. 10-11 is full. We have another CCW class set for the following weekend, Sept. 17-18. Right now we have two seats open in this class. We didn’t advertise this one, and so far it’s all ladies scheduled for this class. So, Ladies…..if you want to get into a ladies only class, here’s your chance. Send us a PM or E-mail to if you’re interested. We will need a $25 deposit to hold a seat.

We have room for two in the Oct. 8-9 CCW class. Our last scheduled CCW class for this year is set for November 5-6 and it’s wide open.

IMG_20150919_154246703_HDR (1)

Our second annual Range Day/wiener roast is set for Sept. 24. Range day fees are $20 per shooter (pays for range supplies and fees). We will have plenty of targets, beverages and snacks. You can come shoot for an hour or so, or stay all day. Range day is an excellent opportunity to work on your marksmanship skills in a little more relaxed environment than one of our regular classes.


We’ll be there to ensure range safety, and to help out with shooting fundamentals, but you can shoot at your own pace. Last year I shot well over 800 rounds and still had plenty of time to socialize, assist shooters, and just enjoy the day. It’s a really good time. If you’re planning on coming for the wiener roast, bring something to share. We’ll have dogs, brats, chili and all the fixin’s and drinks. The Range Day event is posted on this page, so check it out.

If you have questions give us a holler.

Stay safe, everyone….


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Why should you train with Boondock Tactical?

One question we never get asked is, “What will I get if I come to a Boondock Tactical CCW class?”  We’ve heard stories, and seen firsthand, what folks have received from other CCW classes.  Some have received three pieces of paper (one of which was a target), and others have received absolutely nothing at all other than their training certificate.

Why should you train with Boondock Tactical?  If you decide to come to a Boondock Tactical CCW class, you most certainly will not go home empty-handed.  Our 12 and 16 hour students will receive a copy of our Basic Pistol book.  It contains over 80 pages of information designed for the beginner as well as more advanced pistol shooter.  We explain the different actions, firing sequence, ammunition basics and how to handle various malfunctions.  We also talk about the principles of basic marksmanship, how to tighten your groups, and safe storage and handling.  We will give you pointers on how to select a pistol that’s appropriate for you, as well as how to properly clean and maintain your pistol.  Whether you’ve been shooting handguns for years, or if you’re a first-timer, you will definitely learn how to become a better shooter in the Basic Pistol class.


Our CCW course material (8, 12 and 16 hour students) is an in-depth, comprehensive book containing over 100 pages of state statutes (including the complete text of the Concealed Carry Act and the FOID Act), Federal gun law summaries, a list of pro-gun attorneys, links to useful websites and more.  We cover all relevant legal terms, and explain why it’s not enough to just know the statute.  You will learn how courts have ruled when it comes to self-defense and the use of force.  We have multiple handouts not included in the book, and there’s even a written test at the end of the class.

As for shooting…..we’ve seen some advertisements for classes requiring students to bring 30 rounds of live ammo.  The CCW qualification course is exactly 30 rounds.  If you come to our 12 or 16 hour class you will shoot a MINIMUM of 105 rounds.  We will work on safely loading and unloading a charged handgun, live fire reload and malfunction drills, as well as the qualification course.  We will work with you one-on-one, if you’re having difficulty, and we WILL help you get it right.  If we need to run a particular drill multiple times for everyone to “get it”, we will.  Not sure what gun you should buy?  Want to try something different than what you already have?  We encourage our students to shoot any handgun we have (and we have a lot), to see what you like and what you don’t like, before you spend a bunch of money on something you may not like.  If you don’t have your own gun, we’ve got you covered there, too.  We have several different handguns suitable for concealed carry that students may use during class.

We aren’t in this for the money.  We are doing this because we love guns, we love the shooting sports, and we love to teach.  Carrying a concealed firearm is a huge responsibility, and we work very hard to make sure you’re being trained the right way.  We won’t teach you to be a cop, or how to do room-clearing.  We teach our course from a defensive mindset.

Your training experience won’t end when class is over. We have a standing invitation to ALL our CCW students….need a refresher on the legal issues? Can’t remember something we talked about in class? ANY Boondock Tactical student is welcome to sit in on a future CCW class, FREE OF CHARGE. We also send out legal updates and other need-to-know information via E-mail to all our students as changes to the statutes, or recent court decisions appear.

Still not convinced?  Take a look at just a few of the comments from folks who have been through one of our classes…..

:”These guys are not there to make a quick buck. They put in a lot of time and effort – both inside the classroom and out. If you are looking for a CCW class with people who do their best to teach you something – whether you are new to shooting or are a veteran, look no further than Boondock Tactical! “ Todd-Pekin, IL

“Just finished the ccw class and I don’t think I could be any happier than I am with how smoothly and informative these two instructors are!!!! I highly suggest the ccw and I look forward to joining their many other classes they offer. Thanks again guys” 

Carey-Hanna City

“Great class. Steve and Don are both extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond. In my opinion this is the best place to go in Central Illinois for your CCW training.”


“I reluctantly registered for this class, suggested by my husband, as I have always been fearful of guns. I realize now after completing the basic pistol course that my fear was fueled by not knowing basic gun safety. Steve and Don made me feel at ease no matter what my skill level. Having never shot a gun before, my anxiety increased as we headed to the range. After the first shot, Steve aligned my aim and adjusted my grip and from then on I was hooked. They took the time to show me and let me fire different guns to get a feel for them. Steve and Don are great instructors. Extremely knowledgeable. Enjoyed listening to their stories and experience. When you want to exercise your right to bear arms, start with Boondock Tactical!” 


“Just attended the IL Concealed Carry course this weekend. The instruction was excellent. This course is perfectly suited for the novice to more experienced individual. Steve and Don present the material in a professional and interesting manner. Safety and knowledge first!”


“I would HIGHLY recommend Boondock Tactical for CC Classes or any firearms class, for that matter. I went through the CC 16-hour course and I was amazed at all the work and research that they have put in to make these classes top of the line. It was very reassuring to know that these guys made sure that we had the most up-to-date information at our fingertips. They were great at explaining everything we needed to know and went out of their way to be sure we had all of our questions answered. I felt safe at the range and was very grateful at the encouragement I was given throughout the course. I really wanted to know how to clean my gun and they spent probably over half an hour going through it with me, taking extra time to be sure I knew how to do it on my own. I have walked away from this class with a lot knowledge because of the excellent teaching and guidance from the instructors. I literally cannot wait for another opportunity to take more classes with Boondock Tactical. Spring can’t come soon enough!”



We work hard to make sure your training experience is productive, informative, low-stress, educational and SAFE!  If you’re considering concealed carry, give us a call.  We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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CCW Classes

As of January 14, the March, April and May CCW Classes are full.  Check out our “Events” page for other CCW classes scheduled for 2016.

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2016 Classes

As of 12-29-16, the April CCW and Personal Protection in the Home Classes are full.  We have added a March CCW Class to be held on the 19th and 20th.  We will likely be adding a PPITH Class sometime this year.

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2016 Class Schedule

Here’s our schedule for 2016. Keep in mind these dates are tentative, but we will do our best to keep the classes set for these dates. We may add some later, depending on demand. Events will be posted shortly with information specific to each class.

  •       16 Hour CCW Class March 19-20, 2016  This class is FULL
  •       16 Hour CCW Class April 2-3, 2016  This Class is FULL
  •       NRA Personal Protection in the Home April 23, 2016  This Class is FULL
  •       16 Hour CCW Class May 14-15, 2016  This class is FULL
  •       NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home May 28-29, 2016 (12 hour class)
  •       16 Hour CCW Class June 11-12, 2016
  •       Range Day June 18, 2016
  •       16 Hour CCW Class Sept. 10-11, 2016
  •       Range Day/Wiener Roast Sept. 24, 2016
  •       16 Hour CCW Class October 8-9, 2016
  •       NRA Basic Rifle Oct. 22, 2016
  •       16 Hour CCW Class Nov. 5-6, 2016


If you’re interested in attending a class click the “register” link, or send us an E-mail to

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2016 Schedule Coming Soon!

I’ve been putting together our training schedule for next year, and should be posting it in the next couple days. Right now, we’re looking at doing six CCW classes, one each in the months of April-June and Sept.-Nov. We will also be doing one other class in the months listed above, varying between Personal Protection Inside the Home, Outside the Home and RNA Basic Rifle. We have a couple range days thrown in, as well, with the big one being Sept. 24. That will be a Range Day/2nd Annual Boondock Tactical Wiener Roast. Last year’s was a blast!

Our fees are staying where they have been since we started….8 Hr. CCW $75, 16 Hr. CCW $150, PPITH $75, PPOTH $100, NRA Basic Rifle $75, and our Range Day fee is $20. The Couples Discount for CCW will still be in place, as well.

It does not look like we will be using the NRA Basic Pistol course as part of our CCW class this year. The NRA has decided to make the Basic Pistol class a “blended learning” course, where part of the class is done online, and then the student would have to find an NRA certified instructor to complete the live fire portion of the class. The Illinois State Police will not accept training in which any portion of the class is done online. All CCW training must be conducted live by certified instructors. So, we are putting together our own Basic Pistol course which we think will be a better fit for those who wish to get their concealed carry permit.

To see the schedule, keep an eye on this page, as well as our website,

Stay safe, my friends!!


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Now taking orders for T-Shirts!

Boondock Tactical T-shirts are in, and we are taking orders! Here’s what they look like. If you would like to order please send us a message. Price for M-XL will be $15. XXL will be $16 and XXXL will be $17 (Plus applicable sales tax).

12115555_478365002343197_3422829988349953020_n 12112338_478364135676617_2581392682006964892_n

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Virginia Murders

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the murder of two TV reporters in Virginia. We send our prayers to the families of the victims.

Against my better judgement I watched the video. Without going into graphic details, the gunman walked up to within a couple feet of his victims and raised his gun. It appeared the victims had no idea he was there. He lowered his gun, then raised it again and began firing. Nobody even looked his way until the first shot was fired. The victims were completely oblivious to his presence, and it appeared on the video that there was nobody else close by at the time.

Sadly, two more innocent lives have been destroyed by an evil man. I don’t care about motive. I am not concerned in the least as to why he did what he did. It’s just not relevant. What I am concerned with is that there are still people who live in the same world as you and I that still believe evil does not exist. It’s real, and it does not discriminate.

Maintaining your situational awareness at condition yellow is a must at all times. We talk about it in class, and we will be talking about it even more. Be aware of your surroundings and who you share them with. Don’t allow yourself to be surprised by anyone. It can’t be stressed enough, as again we have seen another example of the fact that we alone are responsible for our own safety and security.

I would love to see a time when we won’t be hearing about stories such as this one, but until that day comes we must be ready and aware. Always be prepared. Always stay vigilant. Always keep your family and yourself safe. Nobody else will do it for you.


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Spring Home & Outdoor Expo April 19, 2015

Come see us at the Spring Home & Outdoor Expo at Big Rack’s Steakhouse in Canton on April 19 from 11am until 3pm. We will have a booth set up to help with the fundraiser for the Spoon River Pregnancy Resource Center also located in Canton. We will be donating class coupons to be auctioned, and we might have a special or two for those who stop by. Hope to see you then!

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April 11-12 IL CCW Class

Our next 16 hour IL CCW class is scheduled for April 11-12, 2015.  If you’re interested, give us a call or send an E-mail to

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