Why we do what we do…..

At Boondock Tactical, we take pride in our work. It is our goal to provide the best CCW class experience available for a reasonable price. We are proud of the product we provide, and we hope it shows to anyone who has been to one of our classes.

Now….with that being said….while it’s all fine and good to take pride in our product….what REALLY gets us excited is photos like the one we are posting now. This photograph is of the qualification target of a young lady who came to one of our CCW classes this year. She was a first-time shooter, and was somewhat nervous at the beginning of class, and even more so once we got to the range. She had some concerns….. It’s crystal clear to us that she paid attention during the basic marksmanship/fundamentals of shooting portion of the class judging by the looks of her target. When we started the live fire portion of the class she put her first four rounds out of five through the same hole! Obviously, shooting of that caliber (pun intended) got the attention of Donnie and myself…..we thought it was a fluke. Well, she kept shooting, then she switched handguns and shot some more. She changed guns two more times before finally settling for the Glock 43 (single stack 9mm). When she was done with her 30 round qualification course, she had 20 of 30 shots in the “X” ring! We were completely amazed!! I regret to inform you, this particular shooter wishes to remain anonymous, so we won’t share her name, but let’s just say this young lady is a classic example of someone who showed up a little apprehensive, not sure what to expect….and maybe even somewhat fearful. She wasn’t sure if she had what it took to qualify (and she’s not the first one we’ve had feel that way). When she got down to business, she remembered her fundamentals and focused on the task at hand, and by the time she was done, not only had she won the respect of Donnie and myself, she completely amazed every single student in her class.

This is why we teach, and why we absolutely love what we do at Boondock Tactical. We love seeing the transformation from someone unsure of themselves, to someone well on the way to developing a valuable skill set, and being confident in their own ability to nurture those skills. Nothing gives us a greater sense of satisfaction than seeing the light bulb go on inside someone’s head when they “get it”. We’ve seen so many people start out not knowing what they’re doing wrong, but before long they are correcting their own shooting errors before we can, and that is an awesome phenomenon to be a part of, and really fun for us to watch.

So, for those of you who have never shot before, or who have limited experience with firearms and may be somewhat skittish about taking that next step, you are not alone, and we are here to help. We would love to help you increase your skill set and become more confident with your firearms.

One last thing……”M”…..awesome shooting, my friend!!! We couldn’t be more proud of you, and hope to see you again soon!ridiculous

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